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Helping  Christian  leaders on every level create thriving cultures that transforms their organization’s vision into reality

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Dedicated visionary and church strategist, with over 20 years of ministry and senior leadership experience, possessing in-depth knowledge of principles and methods in both ministry and church development, Bobby is driven to help Christian leaders on every level create thriving cultures of leadership development within their churches and ministries, moving their organization's mission and vision into reality. He is committed to advancing the Lord’s Kingdom by improving the well-being and health of the church.

  • 20+ years of ministry and senior leadership experience

  • B.A.S. in Christian Education & Leadership, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas

Certified in:

  • Revitalization & Replant

  • Leadership Pipeline

  • Strategic Ministry Planning

  • Visionary Planning

  • Leadership/Ministry Development

Licensed and Ordained Minister

Hey, I'm Bobby!

Speaker, coach, consultant

My mission is to help Christian leaders on every level create a thriving culture of leadership development within their churches and ministries, moving their organization's mission and vision forward into reality.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, or burnt out…

• From the shortage of leaders and/or volunteers
• Trying to find more or keep existing leaders and/or volunteers
• Figuring out ways to develop effective leaders and/or volunteers
• Trying to move the mission forward

My goal is to help you identify, train, and release biblical mission minded leaders to inspire a culture of leadership development while sustaining powerful leadership and ministry growth.

Ready to learn how?

About Bobby

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Speaker Reel

Speaking/Workshop Topics

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Everyone’s leadership is driven by something. The question is “What’s the driving force in your leadership?” What’s your why? What’s your purpose? There are many people with full potential who are designed for leadership. The only thing is…the one problem that we can all face is never, ever moving from potential leadership to productive leadership. Living a life full of potential but never producing any productive action. Only to have left behind a non-productive, unfulfilled, God given life.


By the end of your time with Bobby you will:

• Understand and systematize your unique perspective and what motivates YOU
• Be inspired to find your self-leadership
• Discover what drives your purpose
• Be able to take your leadership from potential to productive

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Focus on what it truly means to create a culture of leadership development that engages ALL levels of leadership. Bobby will take your team through the C.C.L.D. leadership 5 phase model focusing on developing a leadership development strategy for your team, building a framework for creating a vision, mission, and values within your team, identify, train, and release mission minded leaders within your organization, and much more.


• 5 Phase Model of Creating A Culture of Leadership Development
• Strategic System Custom Designed to Help Identify, Train, and Release Effective, Mission-Minded Leaders
• Framework for Creating Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Values
• Specialized Leadership Development Plan
• Vision Planning Strategies
• Vision Casting Strategies
• Strategy for Creating Custom Core and Role Specific Proficiencies
• Custom Leadership Structure for Development Built for Your Team
• A Clear Plan For Organizational Collaboration
• A Clear System For Productive Stewardship For Both Spiritual Gifts and Finances
• CCLD Leadership Assessment
• CCLD Leadership Workbook
• + Much More

Bobby has worked with and trained Christian leaders and ministry teams who work for or serve organizations like…



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Bobby’s systematic process, along with his coaching and speaking, has helped me to devise a vision, mission, and strategy that was specific to the spiritual make up of our church family. His unique leadership development strategy has put our church on a path of creating a leadership development culture. Bobby has become a vital leadership development coach for me as a pastor. He listened carefully to what I perceived to be the problems of developing leaders in my church. He understood my frustrations and uncertainties and developed an ongoing leadership development plan that would effectively train leaders at every level to reach their God-given maximum potential as servant-leaders.

Larry Willis
Pastor, Morse Street Baptist Church

Bobby has been instrumental in helping me develop as a church leader and leadership developer. With his guidance, I was able to create a clear vision, mission, strategy, and values. He also helped me develop and understand a clear systematic system to develop competent, mission minded leaders who can develop other leaders. Because of Bobby, I am better prepared to lead as a resident pastor at Towne North Baptist Church.

Chuck Smith,
Pastor, Towne North Baptist Church

Fucuals (2).png

I’m confident that Bobby’s 5-phase model is the essential component in transforming our church into a culture of Leadership development. The 5-phase model has helped us formulate leadership development strategies and successfully cast our church’s vision, mission, strategy, and values. As a result, I believe Bibleway’s leaders and members have begun serving God with a missional mindset and a spirit of excellence. Now, we as a church are in a better position for Kingdom building, which is a priority for us a Christians. Bobby Hicks has inspired me to be a better leader of leaders and leadership developer.


Reginald Fucuals
Elder & Church Administrator, Bibleway Bible Church

Bobby has a solid, systematic way for developing leaders. I have utilized what I have learned into my ministry, and the training put me ahead of what I could have done on my own. He shows care and has a passion to develop others to lead well.

Rickesh Patel
Youth Pastor, The Servant House


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